Fireground Strategies, Third Edition

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The third edition of Chief Anthony Avillo’s bestselling Fireground Strategies is an invaluable resource for the education and development of outstanding fire officers. Through case studies and illustrative examples, Avillo covers how to identify a strategy, develop an action plan, and implement tactics to meet the objectives of the course of action on a fireground. Fireground Strategies is a required text in senior-level undergraduate firefighting strategies courses and is recommended reading for promotional exams across the United States.

New to the third edition

  • Expanded incident command chapters covering all aspects of fireground control
  • Street-level strategies focusing on the modern fire environment
  • Improved section on resource management and additional alarm guidelines
  • Retailored strategic and tactical activities to integrate the latest attack and ventilation research
  • Revamped operational safety chapter including department-level safety programs and mechanisms designed to support and foster a culture of safety
  • New case studies designed to drive home main points including lessons learned
  • Strategic considerations of solar panels
  • Comprehensive guidelines on “Buildings that Change the Rules of the Game”
  • Updated vent-enter-isolate-search (VEIS) information
  • Expanded section on risk management and “who, what, where” vs. LUNAR
  • Improved operational suggestions for high-rise operations


• Foreword by Kevin S. Malley
• Introduction
• How to Use This Book
• Incident Command I: Strategic considerations of size-up
• Incident Command II: Arrival reports and resource requirements
• Incident Command III: Fireground organization, ongoing communications, and post control activities
• Strategic considerations of heat transfer
• Strategic considerations of building construction
• Strategic modes of operation
• Private dwelling fires
• Multiple dwellings
• High-rise operations
• Contiguous structures: Row houses, garden apartments, and townhouses
• Small commercial occupancies: Mixed-use occupancies, taxpayers, and strip malls
• Large commercial and storage occupancies
• Strategic considerations for vacant and renovated structures
• Limited intervention incidents: Strategic considerations of the first responder
• Fostering a culture of safety
• Conclusion

623 Pages/Hardcover/8.5x11/October 2015

ISBN10 1-59370-353-8