Ice Diving Operations

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"This book gives the answers to everything, even going into detail about certain equipment that has worked best for them." —John M. Malecky, 1st Responder

By Walt "Butch" Hendrick and Andrea Zaferes, Lifeguard Systems Inc.

Ice diving is one of the most technical kinds of diving—incorporating both overhead and confined space risks. The lack of proper training can have disastrous results.

Ice Diving Operations is written for public safety divers, decision makers, EMS, sport divers, and instructors, and fills the void in education for each level. The extensive information presented on hypothermia, universal safety procedures and much more, make this book invaluable even for non-ice diving operations.

Ice Diving Operations is designed to be used to create uniform procedures and guidelines to meet NFPA and OSHA standards.

Features & benefits:

  • Includes case studies and summary questions
  • Presents photos of techniques and equipment
  • Presents critical information designed to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries in diving operations
  • Sets standards for both sport and public safety industries
  • Written to increase the number of victims saved


  • Introduction—Ice Diving: an Operation
  • Personnel
  • Certification
  • Ice Courses and Training
  • Equipment
  • Tethering
  • Cold Stress, Immersion Hypothermia, Drowning, and Other Immersion Factors
  • Cold Stress, Immersion Hypothermia, Drowning Recognition, and First Aid
  • Ice Diving Procedures
  • Spring Pre-Planning for Safe Ice Diving Operations
  • Recreational and Public Safety Diving Training Sites
  • Communications
  • Public Safety Diving Operations
  • Contingency Planning for Underwater Emergencies
  • Appendices

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454 Pages/Softcover/2003 
ISBN10 0-87814-843-4