Five Alarm Leadership: All Day Seminar DVD

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Rick Lasky and John Salka are two of the most dynamic and inspirational leaders in the fire service. Five Alarm Leadership is a compilation of leadership lessons learned, situations handled, decisions made, and problems solved during their combined 60-plus years of fire service experience. It began as an hour-long presentation and grew into a program of keynotes, breakout sessions, half-day workshops, and an all-day seminar, then a book exploring the elements of leadership in the firehouse and on the fireground.
This video captures Rick Lasky and John Salka presenting this inspirational class to a group of firefighters and fire officers. This all-day seminar delves deeply into many of the topics discussed in Fire Alarm Leadership.
Addressing fire departments large and small, paid and volunteer, the two chiefs pass along their experiences with the same energetic and enthusiastic leadership they display in the programs they teach in person.

ISBN10 1593704755/ 4 hours, 53 minutes/ 2019