101 Tips To Ace Your Promotional Exam

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Chief Steve Prziborowski reveals more than 101 tips for getting promoted and becoming a vital asset to your fire department, family, and community. From soft skills to hard truths, this book covers what you need to move up the ranks the right way.


• Sound advice for personal growth and personal improvement for any firefighter of any rank who wishes to advance

• Insights, tricks, and tips for avoiding the pitfalls while preparing for a comprehensive promotional testing process

 Bonus: Guidance from 37 professional, knowledgeable fire service veterans


“Just like firefighting, getting promoted and moving up isn’t something you can succeed in alone­—it takes a team. Steve has assembled a whole bunch of good fire service veterans who own their very personal experiences, bumps and bruises along with their successes, to help you figure this out. Sit back and prepare to soak up decades of advice based on experience so you can start the climb up.”

—Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder
(Proudly bumped and bruised since 1973)


“After years of teaching thousands of aspiring fire rescue officers, Steve Prziborowski has documented his highly successful training information. You need this book if you are looking to get the edge up on the competition and demonstrate to the hiring authority that you are ready for the job. If you are serious about being a successful fire rescue officer at any rank, do yourself a favor and add this text to your personal library today!”

—Fire Chief Dennis L. Rubin


“Committing to taking a promotional exam requires a Herculean effort, a never-looking-back attitude, and a willingness to give up your life as you know it until the exam is over. The book is an invaluable resource to guide your journey. Study hard and then study harder. Good luck.”

—Deputy Chief (Ret.) Anthony Avillo, North Hudson Regional (NJ) Fire and Rescue


Softcover/6x9/250 pages/2020