BANG Shove Knife

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What's in your pockets? As a First Responder, do you carry tools that allow you to make respectful entry into someone's occupancy during an emergency?

We all love to grab the irons and a BANG Wedge to go to work on forcing a door, but sometimes that isn't in the best interest of the occupancy owner or situation at hand. Respectful entry (or soft entry) is a skill that with practice and the right tools, can be done easily and with great benefit to the occupancy because there is little to no damage done.

Introducing the BANG Shove Knife! This tool will allow you to gain access quickly and with minimal to no damage to interior doors with simple "key in knob" locks. 

Made To BANG Respectfully #BANGforcible

*DISCLAIMER* This tool is to be operated while wearing all appropriate PPE such as gloves and eye protection. Train Your Probie Inc. is not liable for any injuries that may occur from the use of this tool. The BANG Shove Knife was specifically made to only be used by Emergency Services Personnel during an Emergency Response and/or training.