Unleash The Beast Strength Program (BOOK)

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Are you looking to get bigger and stronger? Are you hitting a plateau with your training? It’s time to take the chains off and Unleash The Beast!

Unleash The Beast is a challenging and effective Strength and muscle hypertrophy program. Strength plays a huge role in the daily activities that First Responders have to deal with such as rescuing patients from a burning building, dealing with an unruly perpetrator, all the way down to the very common lift assist. Having strength as a First Responder ensures that we are doing our best to remain healthy and fit by decreasing our chances of getting a new injury or aggravating old ones.

This program has been specifically created to help Tactical Athletes increase their strength and muscle mass. The program was also created to help you increase your one rep max for the major lifts. Unleash The Beast is laid out in a very easy to follow format that goes day to day with 5 working days and 2 recovery days per week. You will record your one rep max for the major lifts before beginning the program, enabling you to see your progress after the 12 weeks is complete. We will also cover how to safely find your one rep max.

Unleash The Beast is also perfect for first responders and tactical athletes who are looking to get into a new level of fitness. This program won’t be easy. It will take your full commitment to reach your goal of becoming a bigger and stronger version of yourself. That being said, we must remember that nothing in life that is worth anything comes easy and for meaningful results we must put in the work.

So what are you waiting for? THINK LIKE A BEAST. TRAIN LIKE A BEAST. BE A BEAST.

This version of our program comes as a physical book that is a must have for all gym bags.


  • Treadmill
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Kettlebells
  • Squat Rack
  • Barbell
  • Weight plates
  • Dumbbells
  • Medicine Ball
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Cable Set-up
  • Rowing Machine
  • Skipping Rope


  • SCBA
  • Bunker Gear
  • Weighted Vest
  • Rucksack
  • Sledgehammer
  • Sand Bags