Personal Escape Systems - Window Clearing, Anchoring and Exit Techniques

Personal Escape Systems - Window Clearing, Anchoring and Exit Techniques

This video demonstrates various methods for clearing windows and some, (NOT ALL) of the options for establishing an anchor when deploying a Personal Escape System. During training always utilize fall arrest protection when practicing from any elevation. This should include both a belay line and full body harness. None of the anchoring techniques shown in this video should ever be deployed in a real life emergency without first learning and practicing them in a safe and controlled environment.

Not every technique will work in every situation and not every anchoring option available is shown in this video. Regardless of the method chosen, the best anchors are those that are established close to your exit - This will allow the fastest egress, maximize the length of you rappel and minimize the amount of rope exposed to heat and fire.

The integrity and therefore safety of a specific anchor is based on many variables. Having more than one option will only increase the probability of being able to escape a hostile environment without injury. Practice to the point where your moves become instinctive - In a life a death situation you may only have seconds to get out.

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Train, Stay Prepared, Be Aggressive, Make the Save - SURVIVE!

Dale G. Pekel