Technical Rescue Methods Used In Devil's Lake Park Emergencies

Technical Rescue Methods Used In Devil's Lake Park Emergencies

A 66-year-old woman from Texas is clinging to life following a scary fall at Devil's Lake State Park.

A warden with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources said the woman sustained head and neck injuries and was med flighted to the hospital. 

Baraboo Fire and Rope Rescue were dispatched to the scene where they utilized technical rescue methods. This means they would either carry the patient out in a basket or use ropes to bring them to safety. 

Baraboo Assistant Fire Chief Mark Willer said the department responds to anywhere from 20 to 30 calls at Devil's Lake each year. He said majority are for injuries like a sprained ankle, but more serious injuries aren't uncommon. 

It can be slippery due to dust or water or just the smoothness of the stones because of how many people walk on them," Willer added. 

Willer said his team goes through intense training to prepare for emergencies on the rough terrain. He said they learn rope rescue techniques which are often used when someone is hurt further off the trail. 

To avoid being on the other end of that rope, Willer offered a few recommendations before hitting the trail. 

"You definitely want to plan your trip ahead, you definitely want to take a partner, or let somebody know your going and where you're going," he explained. "We want people to know their limitations so they don't get caught in a position where we have to come out and rescue them."

A warden with the Department of Natural Resources said the last known condition of the woman hurt on Monday was serious to critical.