Grin & Bear It

Noun: grit

  1. Courage and resolve; strength of character

  2. Passion and perseverance for long-term meaningful goals.

Your goals require courage, determination, and resilience. The courage to take (calculated) risks, the determination to follow through on the goals you’ve set, and the resilience to keep chipping away when things get tough. You need grit. 

Often we see people around us give up on those long term goals just because they aren’t willing to put the work in to achieve them; but do you want to be “everyone else” or do you want to be “somebody”? Grit is a soft-skill, meaning everyone has the capacity to excel in this area. It’s said to be a characteristic that is the foundation of any thriving individual, and as First Responders, athletes, and entrepreneurs, you already know grit.

Grit encapsulates the idea that you get in what you put out. There are hundreds upon hundreds of fully peer-reviewed articles citing grit as the number one reason for entrepreneurial success, but don’t pigeonhole the data here - we know the guy that works harder than everyone else on the floor is the guy that has the most go his way. Strive for excellence, because success is inevitable if you bear down, grind hard, and make sh*t happen.

COVID-19 may have curved the path, but if you’ve truly got grit, this won't stop you. The other guys are still grinding, so why aren’t you? 

By Victoria Etheridge