Paleo Coffee

Paleo Coffee

There are some big trends in coffee right now that lend their ties back to the health and fitness industry. We all know paleo eating was a huge trend a few years ago. This trend isn’t necessarily a fad diet! There is a lot of truth and health benefits that lend to living a paleo lifestyle. Secondary to the paleo diet, the ketogenic diet has hit hard in the coffee trend as well!

Ketogenic diet is a higher fat based diet and a lower carb diet that helps your body burn fat instead of carbohydrates as its energy source.


Paleo Coffee

Paleo Coffee Options



  • 6 oz of coconut milk
  • 8-12 oz of your coffee –can be cold brew, Aeropress or drip!
  • optional– teaspoon of coconut sugar



  1. if you like a good cold brew, make your cold brew and pour your coconut milk into your ice cube tray and freeze over night
  2. if you like warm coffee, brew your coffee of choice and pour your coconut creamer into your coffee
  3. wanting a sweet kick? use a spoonful of coconut sugar into your brew!
  4. drink & enjoy your delicious paleo coffee!