From The Floor

We are very excited to announce our new publication that we have been working on for firefighters by firefighters. "From The Floor" will allow our fellow Firefighters and First Responders to tell their story in their own words, unfiltered. From The Floor is a place where our peers can be heard. A place where knowledge is shared and we can all learn and grow with each other. TYP will be accepting written submissions now and for an ongoing basis. These submissions can be sent to our email - Chosen submissions will be published on our site for everyone to read and learn from. If you are wondering what types of submissions we are looking for, we are looking for anything that directly relates to our chosen profession. Whether it's training tips, call stories and teaching points, fitness and health, post traumatic stress and growth, etc... we want to hear your own words. We want to help spread your message.

From The Floor, to all of you.